About us

Founded  and Created by Tomek Szott , FilmSupport.ca  is a A Cost-Effective, Convenient and Game-Changing App for Location Managers, Assistant Location Managers and Production Assistants.

The film industry is evolving radically, and this has made the job of location managers quite challenging. From finding and securing locations, obtaining police, fire, government and parking permits, to coordinating logistics of the film production, the job of the location manager is not only challenging but also strenuous. To ensure that location managers are able to carry out their tasks efficiently and effectively while streamlining processes and saving costs, the Film Support App has been created.

Known as the game-changer in the film industry, the Film Support App is the only technological system that supports the film industry in the United States and Canada. This pioneer, one of a kind app helps location managers and their assistant location managers to book, track, report on and rate location support personnel based on their performance.



This app is indeed a powerful tool in the hands of location managers that not only offers convenience but is also cost-effective. Right from their office or actual location set, location managers can have a virtual live view of what is happening on set, and thereby manage more effectively.
This amazing app does not only bring value in terms of saving time for location management, it also provides clear visibility and accountability. When installed;

location managers and assistant location managers can:

  • Track Location of Location Support Personnel: The Film Support App enables location managers, assistant location managers and production assistants to track location support personnel through Google Maps even when they are in a different location.
  • Communicate Effectively: Another interesting feature of the app us that it allows location managers, assistant location managers and production assistants to communicate with location support personnel through the app which has an easy to use interface.
  • View Reports: The Film Support App also enables location managers, assistant location managers and production assistants to view detailed reports about location support personnel.
  • Set Up Notifications and Alerts: This amazing app enables location managers and assistant location managers to receive notifications and alerts at the right time and ensures that all plans are working as intended.

Finally, if you are in need of a virtual film support app that helps location managers streamline their tasks, gain visibility and be more effective at carrying out their responsibilities, then your best option is to opt for the Film Support App. At present, the film industry has become mobile, and the best way for location managers to meet up with its growing need is through the Film Support App.  For more information please visit us at www.fimsupport.ca , contact as at info@filmsupport.ca or  directly at 647-575- 8900